Why is budgeting important for families? The main reason is to show you where you are financially and help make better decisions about money in the future.

It improves your life by giving you a guide for how to spend and save your money.

Consequences for not budgeting may include debt and stress over your fiscal situation.


Budgeting 50-30-20 is a simple financial tool you can use to decide if you allocate your money efficiently.

Needs, wants, and savings are the categories. If you spend more then 50% on needs or you should probably consider downsizing your lifestyle.

If you don’t save at least 20% then you should consider putting away more for emergenciesl.


How to transfer real estate into a trust requires careful planning. Assess, transfer, and distribute your property carefully

You must deal with many tax, title, and insurance issues to set it up right.

The time you put into setting up your living trust correctly greatly helps your loved ones later on.