Someone bought a house in my name. Are you a victim of a scam, or a beneficiary of a generous gift?

These types of scams are rare, but you should be careful if you are a victim. get sound legal advice before doing anything.

If you are the beneficiary of a generous gift learn about all the responsibilities associated with home ownership.


DOM in real estate measures how long a house has been marketed. It reflects whether the house is priced correctly.

Market conditions and the upkeep of the house also affect this number.

Buyers and sellers both should look at this number with other objective and subjective criteria to determine the true market value of a property.


An automated valuation tool is not an appraisal, but it can be a valuable tool to help you understand what your home is worth.

It predicts what the price of your house should be based on a mathematical algorithm, which usually includes a hedonic statistical model and a repeat sales index.


A house under contract in real estate in real estate cannot be sold to someone else unless the original contract is nullified.

An agreement signed by both the buyer and seller is executed and a binding contract.

However, most contracts have contingencies. If these are not met, then the deal may fall apart. After that, the seller may sell the house to someone else.