How to get earnest money back after a bad home inspection.

Read your contract and carefully review the wording to make sure you understand what you can do and when you need to do it.

Talk to your attorney and present your request in writing to the seller.


Who benefits from a reverse mortgage? This may be a good option for borrowers who need money each month and have a lot of equity in their homes.

Banks also benefit, because these are high-profit and low-risk loans for them.

There are good alternatives, and you should consider these before you take out one of these loans on your home.


Due diligence means that you do your homework on the entire process from beginning to end.

Start by learning about your local market. Then shop around for competent professionals to help you.

Finally, be on top of every issue that arises. Don’t just wait for your agent to advise you, make sure you really understand what is going on.