Are you responsible for your spouse’s medical debt? Maybe if you live in a community property state or a doctrine of necessaries jurisdiction.

You also are if you co-signed for the treatment.

Your aren’t, though, for obligations taken on before marriage or after divorce.


There are four primary ways to pull cash out of your house. You can refinance, get a second mortgage, get a home equity loan, or get a HELOC.

You should carefully consider your reasons for wanting to cash out on your home. Will it increase your property’s value, decrease interest or the payment schedule; or will it improve your financial decision by paying off high-interest debts?

If it doesn’t do any of those things, you should ask yourself if you really need to do it.


If you are able to pay down or eliminate your debts you should. Start with high interest credit cards first. Then pay down your mortgage last.

However, you should consider your financial situation first. Is it worth it to pay refinancing fees? Can you get rid of your debt without refinancing? can you change your spending patterns?

You should explore these before making major financial decisions.