Defending yourself in court against a debt collector is possible, but make sure you have all of your documents in order and you understand your rights.

Make sure the summons is legitimate. Don’t fall for a fake notice from a scammer.

Don’t let them intimidate you. Make them prove you owe and they have a right to collect.

You may want to consult a lawyer for an objective analysis of your case.


What the Bible says about debt is cautionary. While debt is not a sin, we should be careful with our money.

You should always tithe, even when you have financial problems.

Also, you should always pray about your money problems. God wants to hear your concerns.


What is a mortgage modification and agreement and how do you apply for one?

It may be an opportunity for you to save your home if you are in a financial crisis.

If you cannot meet your mortgage payment and have already missed some months you may not be able to refinance, but the bank still may make an agreement to lower the interest, lengthen the term or defer the principal of your loan.