Nonprofit debt consolidation companies help your with unsecured debts, like credit cards. Their services include counseling and debt management plans.

They approach debt management differently than for-profit organizations.

Watch out for scams with either type. Nonprofits should not ask for upfront fees or give you a sales pitch from the beginning.


Upside-down mortgage relief comes in a few forms. Which is best for you depends on if you want to stay in your home or walk away.

If you are underwater and have negative equity you can work with your bank to modify the loan or reduce the principal. You probably can’t refinance.

If its best to leave your home then you should consider a short sale rather than let the bank foreclose. Bankruptcy is also a better alternative.


Does bankruptcy clear IRS debt? Courts do discharge tax obligations. How much depends on how much you have and how much you earn.

There is a 10 year statute or limitations for most tax liens, but authorities will probably levy your assets before then.

Only the federal government may garnish your 401(k) funds.