How to pay off a reverse mortgage isn’t tricky. You can cancel during the 3-day rescission period.

After that you can make payments, or sell your house to pay off the loan.

If a person dies and you inherit the property you won’t owe more than 95% of the appraised value, even if they owe more than the house is worth.


Are you responsible for your spouse’s medical debt? Maybe if you live in a community property state or a doctrine of necessaries jurisdiction.

You also are if you co-signed for the treatment.

Your aren’t, though, for obligations taken on before marriage or after divorce.


What is crowdfunding real estate? It is a new business model that allows average people to invest in large commercial projects.

It can pay high dividends, but it is also very risky. Its not for everyone.

However, if you have a high risk tolerance and don’t mind your money tied up for a long time this may be a good way to diversify your investments.


How to transfer property to an LLC can be easy without a mortgage, but lender don’t want you to change ownership. Check with your bank before you do anything.

Should you, though? that depends on if its your primary residence or an investment.

There are many liability and tax shelters available. Make sure you choose the right one for all of your properties.


How to transfer real estate into a trust requires careful planning. Assess, transfer, and distribute your property carefully

You must deal with many tax, title, and insurance issues to set it up right.

The time you put into setting up your living trust correctly greatly helps your loved ones later on.